2024.04.01 This site’s “Silver Music Going” was renamed “Light Music Going”.
2023.01.20 Added iPhone Web App (PWA), please use the iPhone to scan the QR code to download.
2023.01.11 MacOS V1.0 version was released, and the system supports MacOS, iOS, and Android three operating systems for listening.
2022.11.10 release android V1.0 version
2022.10.19 Added functions such as late-night mode, support for more than ten third-party quick logins such as QQ, WeChat, Weibo, etc.
2022.09.08 After more than a year of trial operation, the system is now officially open for registration. All members must have real email addresses to register and experience the download service.
2021.07.15 The system is upgraded, which is deeply compatible with music services, and is still being debugged.
2021.03.23 It has been continuously scanned by malicious crawlers in the past 2 weeks, causing server overload and affecting user experience. After analysis, it has been improved, and continuous observation.
2020.06.01 Happy Children's Day, friends, blog's 3rd anniversary, portal >>>>>
2020.01.13 Since the last time 1000 bloggers registered and left a message, there are currently 3797 bloggers who have registered to enjoy the beautiful light music together.
2019.05.10 I am very happy. In less than 2 years, more than 1,000 bloggers have registered. It has only been 5 months since the last Christmas Eve. More than 800 bloggers have been added. Thank you for your support.
2019.02.14 Valentine's Day, New Year's work; recently, the blog has continued to revise the style, and the whole style is more unified and simple!
2018.12.24 As of Christmas Eve, the blog has registered more than 200 friends and left 907 footprints. In this cold winter, Yuehang feels warm. Thank you, Yuehang will continue to work hard.
2018.09.20 Google included 10300, commemorate it.
2018.09.01 I found that Alibaba Cloud is really inferior to old users. It only takes less than 1/3 of the cost to configure new users. I have no choice but to buy a new server and migrate my blog to the new server.
2018.08.10 In the past week, the number of daily IPs has steadily exceeded the 100 mark. Thank you for your support from like-minded friends. I hope to promote the "Silver Lehang" music blog more.
2018.06.24 Recently, LAMP was finally replaced by LNMP, and the PHP version was also upgraded to 7. It seems that the speed is indeed very fast, and the memory usage is indeed very small.
2018.05.29 Today, I finally picked up the mouse style from "Blue Leaf Blog". Thanks to Blue Leaf, I added it to the small blog, and I felt beautiful immediately :)
2018.05.15 The 1st anniversary of the establishment of the Silver Lehang Blog, write an anniversary article, encourage myself, never forget the original intention, forge ahead, my portal.
2018.05.12 To commemorate the 512 Wenchuan Earthquake, the overall color of the blog turned gray, and at the same time, I wrote a commemorative article "[10 Years Commemoration] 2008 512 Earthquake, hereby writing."
2018.04.07 As of now, Baidu has included 1419 pages, and Goolge has included 4860 pages, with an average IP60, PV80, and make persistent efforts!
2018.04.03 My hands are itchy recently. I saw comments from other bloggers with ratings in them.
2018.02.11 At present, the Silver Lehang Music Blog has been established for 9 months, with 708 in Baidu, 2900 in Google, 96 points in Baidu Cloud Observation, and A in the https test.
2018.01.20 Passed Myssl encryption certification and obtained MySSL security certification icon.
2018.01.03 In order to increase the user experience, at the request of Li Wei's blog, a play button is added to the upper layer of the image on the search result page, thanks to Li Wei for his support :)
2017.12.15 Added simplified/traditional conversion function to blog.
2017.12.6 Blog with https function.
2017.12.4 Joined Alibaba Cloud CDN, and the speed does not seem to be particularly fast. I will observe it in detail.
2017.11.15 It took 43 days to complete the light music data migration between the old and new systems.
2017.10.3 system upgrade, using WordPress system, Ajax throughout the site, you can seamlessly switch music, listen to multiple songs in a row; you can also register as a member and make your own music album.
2017.9.30 ICP filing was successful.
2017.9.21 I applied for ICP filing. During this time, the blog could not be accessed normally, and the filing time was about 12 days.
2017.9.19 Apply for Alibaba Cloud VPS server.
2017.8.27 Goolge included 3000 pages, Baidu only included 136 pages, keep going~
2017.8.07 There is a major event happening at home, and it will be suspended for about 1 week.
2017.6.20 Goolge included page 1480, Baidu only included the home page, but we have to work hard~
2017.6.19 Since the system was launched, VPS has been subjected to unlimited scans by hackers, using different IPs for scanning and various cracking requests. IP restrictions have been added as a last resort, and the number of scans and requests has been significantly reduced. It remains to be seen.
2017.6.11 Google included 973 pages.
2017.6.10 submitted Baidu site and conducted Baidu cloud observation evaluation, the score was very high.
2017.6.5 vps open the net_speeder accelerator, the speed of access to the mainland is increased by 50%.
2017.6.4 Blog enabled Redis buffering, which greatly improved the speed.
On May 30, 2017, after the intermittent diagnosis of Lehang, the vps was found to be brute force cracked by ssh and implanted with the mired Trojan. At the same time, bugs were fixed, monitoring software fail2ban-server was installed, and the blog was officially accessible.
2017.5.26 Due to an incident at home, I was delayed for a few days. After consultation with the hostus administrator, the vps was reopened.
2017.5.23 vps was stopped by hostus, and Lehang was notified by email.
2017.5.22 The vps host was hacked by the Bitcoin mining Trojan, which caused a lot of CPU consumption.
2017.5.15 Music blog officially launched.
2017.5.8 Deploy Drupal8 system.
2017.5.8 Apply for hostus vps host.
2017.5.8 Apply for iruner.com domain name.

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