How to buy music?

This blog temporarily supports the purchase of singles, albums, etc.
In the short term, users can earn points by playing, commenting, liking, etc. on the site, and the system purchases singles through points (see the points rules for details).
At the same time, in order to facilitate friends who like light music, this blog has opened a payment channel. After users recharge online through WeChat, they can upgrade their Pro account and download high-quality music at will.

How to find the webmaster?

Hello, the webmaster account defaults to imoongo. After registration, it will follow the webmaster account by default. You can communicate with the webmaster through the chat function on the site, or you can leave a message anywhere.
Or contact the webmaster via email:

Can I submit articles and upload music?

Can. For outstanding authors, we accept works for publication, but must accept the terms of this website.

Will the use of downloaded music involve copyright?

As long as commercial services are not used for downloaded music, unless the original author specifically states that secondary creation, adaptation, or commercialization is not allowed, the original author will not pursue copyright information. Unless otherwise specified, user content is covered by Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Mainland China License Agreement License!

What types of music services are available on the website?

This site provides a comprehensive range of light music listening, focusing on soothing and healing, and provides various background music for places, trips, libraries, cafes, reading, etc.

How to register as a member?

Just enter your username, password, and email address to register, which is quick and easy.
You can also log in through a third-party social account. We support 10 login methods.

How to download MP3/Flac music from this site?

This site provides music downloads that require registration as a member.
Providing trial listening, high-quality HQ, and lossless SQ downloads.

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