attaches great importance to the protection of intellectual property rights in network communication, abides by relevant intellectual property laws, regulations and binding normative documents, and actively cooperates to curb piracy.

intellectual property

Any access to the music blog must meet the following criteria:

1. All searches, downloads and playbacks of music, images, text and other contents are for the purpose of reasonable personal use;

2. All searches, downloads and playbacks of music, images, text and other videos and images shall not be used for commercial purposes;
According to the requirements of relevant Chinese laws, regulations and normative documents, the software provider of has formulated measures and steps aimed at protecting the legitimate rights and interests of intellectual property rights holders. The right holder shall issue a written "rights notice" to in advance; will take measures to remove relevant content or relevant links in accordance with Chinese laws and regulations and government regulatory documents.


For intellectual property disputes, the specific measures and steps are as follows:

Notice of Rights

Any individual or unit that meets both of the following conditions:

1. The legal rights of the right holder are violated by a third-party website;

2. The content of the website provided by violates the legal rights of the above rights holders. The above-mentioned individuals or units may submit a notice of rights to in writing.

The right holder must sign the notice of the right by his own hand. If the right holder is a legally established institution or organization, please affix the official seal.


According to relevant laws, a notice of rights must contain the following information:

1. The identity certificate of the right holder should at least include a copy of the ID card or passport (for natural persons) or a copy of the registration certificate of the organization legally registered (for enterprises and other organizations).

The specific contact information of the right holder should at least include name or business name, mailing address, telephone number, fax and e-mail.

2. If the obligee entrusts another person to exercise the rights on his behalf, the entrusted party shall provide the "Power of Attorney" issued by the obligee in addition to the above-mentioned materials.

3. Proof of ownership of copyright and/or other intellectual property rights.

4. Proof of infringement, including the specific description of the intellectual property that has been infringed, the information on the pages that have violated the intellectual property, and a list of specific web addresses (URLs), etc.

5. The submitter of the notice of rights guarantees that if the statement of the notice of rights is inaccurate, it will bear all legal responsibilities (including but not limited to compensation for all necessary expenses and attorney fees). After receiving and reviewing the above notice and materials, , for the notices that meet the requirements, according to the requirements of Chinese laws and regulations and government normative documents, corresponding infringement prevention measures, including removal, will be taken in accordance with the law to protect the legal rights of the rights holders.

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